Faith and tradition

    History of her descendants and the miracle that took her to the altars in the year 1950




    The legacy of Aquiles Jarrín and his descendants

A history view....

  • Hydraulic mill (1,890)

    Hydraulic mill (1,890)

    Duration: 45 minutes

    Relive the story of Aquiles Jarrín, who was an entrepreneur and visionary for his time as he industrialized the way to process the flour from the wheat grain when he achieved his biggest dream: "Molino San Juan" The hydraulic mill was designed by the company Cusson of France and imported into Ecuador, at the beginning of 1890. Learn about its parts and pieces conserved within its original construction.

  • The way of Marianita

    The way of Marianita

    Duration: 30 minutes

    The "Way of Marianita "is a Catholic pilgrimage whose objective is to visit historical places where she meditated, prayed and lived, the first Saint of Ecuador. (The visiting sites are in the cities of Quito and Cayambe).

    Traditions, culture and heritage are combined with expressions of fervor, contemplation and hospitality, which show a life of "faith and absolute devotion" for the common good.

    The pilgrim participates in a journey that tells us about the spiritual roots of Ecuador, and meets the memory of Mariana de Jesús Paredes, the history of her descendants and the miracle that took her to the altars in the year 1950.

    Es una experiencia que entremezcla fe y cultura, de un personaje fundamental para la religiosidad e identidad de las ciudades de Quito y Cayambe.

  • The Jesuits in the Hacienda

    The Jesuits in the Hacienda

    The hacienda happened at the hands of the Jesuit priests in the year of 1600. There is evidence that some Jesuits, who collaborated in the construction of the Company of Jesus Church in the historic center of Quito, participated in the construction of the Chapel located on the property: preserved to this day.

    The Jesuit Chapel was built at the end of 1600 and next to it is the "Cloister of the Society", place where the Jesuit priests lived.

    The renowned international magazine Condé Nast Traveler, founded in the year 1907, made a note on this part of the hacienda.

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  • Ecuador Train Expedition

    Ecuador Train Expedition

    Itinerary: 11H25 to 16H40 - DEPARTURES: Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday – Holidays

    "Look, feel, live, walk". The "Tren Libertad I" offers a unique route starting from Ibarra, to reach the warm city of Salinas "

    Molino San Juan has signed a corporate partner agreement and has become a strategic ally in Cayambe for the sale of tickets for the different Ecuador Train expeditions. This tour requires prior reservation.

    Itinerary Tren Libertad

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