• Sustainability


    Its concept come true in a practical and objective way.
  • We promote

    We promote

    The true interpretation of cultural heritage and the proper management of natural and social resources.

Building sustainability

We comply with global sustainability criteria and with the current version of the normative documents of the international sustainable tourism program "Smart Planet". (Program recommended by UNESCO at the world convention for the protection of cultural and environmental heritage Finland / 2001)

Our environmental management system called "eco-friendly program" seeks to continuously improve the activities and processes of the operation for the benefit of the ecosystem. This philosophy obtained the certification "Tourism quality - Distinctive Q", issued by the Municipality of Quito, through, Quito Turismo, which recognizes establishments that have implemented sustainable tourism and quality management systems, to offer tourists services of high level.

We maintain a strategic alliance with the company LIQ, manufacturer of cleaning and personal care products, elaborated by means of an ecological production chain whose result is: biodegradable products.

Our basic principles of sustainability are based on:

  • Interpretation of material and immaterial cultural heritage, and its diversity.
  • Conservation and recovery of materials from the original buildings.
  • Actively contribute to integral human development, promoting charity, justice and the common good.
  • Efficient use of natural resources: adequate water treatment process, balance between cleaning and conscious consumption of biodegradable products, low consumption led lighting, high efficiency and low water consumption.
  • - Respect for socio-cultural diversity and gastronomic traditions.

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