• Know our

    Know our

    Corporate identity

  • Mission


    Offer our clients products and services of a cultural and tourist nature, aimed at preserving and interpreting the family heritage. Communicating "in situ" this historical legacy in an attractive and experiential way.

  • Vision


    Consolidate in our region as an icon of cultural and tourist attraction, thanks to the true interpretation of heritage and a creative, innovative, competitive and socially responsible service.

    We will seek the satisfaction of our clients through experiences that generate "awareness", by connecting intellectually and emotionally their interest with the historical significance of the site they visit.

    We will promote hospitality services tailored to the client, under the concept of feeling "at home", and with emphasis on processes of continuous improvement in the different activities of the organization.

    We will promote the development of productive activities under the principles of sustainability, as a strategic tool in tourism and local and national economic development.

  • Code of ethics

    Molino San Juan Hacienda, promotes and is committed to the "Global Code of Ethics for Tourism" elaborated by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), as a fundamental reference framework for the development of responsible and sustainable tourism.

    The "Global Code of Ethics for Tourism" is a set of principles, designed to guide and maximize the benefits of the sector, while minimizing its possible negative consequences for the environment, cultural heritage and societies around the world.

    The adoption of the Code of Ethics gives Molino San Juan Hacienda the possibility of expanding the scope of its social responsibility policies by using concepts and trends in the international tourism sector, as well as being part of a global initiative.

    To know the "Global Code of Ethics for Tourism - For responsible tourism", click on the attached link:

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  • Management and values policy

    Management and values policy

    We are committed to promoting cultural and historical heritage in our area of influence through innovative products and services that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of visitors, within a framework of: quality, responsibility, equity and sustainable development.


    Our values are framed in the word MOLINO:

    • Meticulousness
    • Originality
    • Loyalty
    • Ingenuity
    • Nobility
    • Optimism
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