Aromas and flavors defined by family recipes

  • Biscuits and tiesto tortillas

    Duration: 45 mins

    Taste the sweet aroma of wheat or corn tortillas, cooked in a clay pot or the traditional Cayambe biscuits.

  • Cava Experience

    Cava Experience

    A meeting of wisdom and flavors.....

    "Cava Experience" marks the fact of having known, felt and tasted origin craft beer.

    "Cava Experience" is an exhibition dedicated to the history and the world that surrounds the craft beer Cruz del Sur.

    The cava or cellar stores naturally craft beer bottles with optimal factors in terms of temperature and humidity, because it is located in underground; where the Molino San Juan turbine, built in 1890, operated.

    The process of manufacturing a variety of our beer (IPA - red, Golden Ale - golden, Stout - black) lasts between 30 and 35 days. It is a double-fermented beer, that is, a beer with natural gasification in bottle without the use of artificial gas.

    The Cava Experience is one of Molino San Juan Hacienda most original attraction.

  • Dairy products

    Duration: 40 minutes

    Learn the recipe of the famous "dulce de leche" (arequipe) and fresh cheeses with optional ingredients (fine herbs, oregano, rosemary)

  • “Paila” Ice-creams

    Duration: 30 - 45 minutes

    Made with selected fresh fruit juice. This potage is made little by little, because in the bronze pan the fruit juice is beaten until it takes ice cream consistency. Traditional dessert from the north of the country dating from the late eighteenth century.

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